The band Silvertone (the name of Chris's first guitar) features Kenney Dale Johnson on the drums, Roly Salley on the bass guitar and Hershel Yatovitz on the  guitar. The former guitarist James Calvin Wilsey left the band in 1993.

Johnny Reno (saxophone), Jimmy Pugh, Franck Martin and Brett Truggle ( keyboards) used to play with the band as well.






















Kenney Dale Johnson

Born in the oil patch town of Borger, Texas, Johnson attended the University of Texas in Austin where he used to jam and run around with Stevie Ray Vaughn. He later moved to San Francisco where he played a number of bands and paid the rent working as a session player.  He was doing a fill-in-gig at a small blues club when he heard that Isaak was looking for a drummer and gave him a call. He joined the band in 1984, shortly before they signed their first record deal. Before joining, Johnson admits he hadn't been east of New Orleans, but he enthusiastically embraced the band's rigorous touring schedule which has taken them around the wold several times. Johnson received his first drum kit at the age 12 and is an avid drum collector, spending much of his down time during tours seeking out vintage drums for his collection. Kenney endorses the Zildjian Cymbal Company and Drum Workshop.


Rowland Salley 

Roly Salley got his start in music after a high school track coach threatened to kick him off the team if he didn't get a hair cut. Rather than heading for a barber, Salley picked up a bass. After graduating, he started a band in Madison, Wisconsin then moved to  Woodstock, New York which at the time was home base for many musical luminaries including Van Morrison and Paul Butterfield. Here he played extensively as both a session musician and a performer with local musicians and singers, including Happy & Artie Traum, Maria Muldaur and Full Tilt Boogie. Salley then moved to Toronto where he played with David Wilcox and Ian and Sylvia Tyson, among others. Relocating to Los Angeles, Salley started a blues band called the Blue Monkeys with Pete Anderson, currently guitar player and producer for Dwight Yoakam. He left Los Angeles in 1983, touring with Joan Baez and when the tour ended in San Francisco, stayed and played with Maria Muldaur. It was here that Salley was introduced to Isaak by a mutual friend in 1984 and soon after, joined the band. Salley is also an accomplished watercolor artist.


Hershel Yatovitz

Hershel is the most recent member of Chris Isaak and Silvertone. He joined in 1995 after being introduced to Isaak by jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter. An ethnic music enthusiast, Yatovitz once had a gig playing Italian favorites in the North Beach Café where Mario Puzo penned the Godfather. Raised in Palo Alto, California, Yatovitz played guitar, bass and drums in bands ranging from reggae  and Motown to African, funk and blues. He taught for nine years at the Stanford Jazz Workshop at Standford University where he worked with Dizzie Gillepsie, Stan Getz, Joe Pass and many other jazz luminaries. An experienced producer and recording engineer, Yatovitz has a wide range of album credits and has owned and operated a recording studio in Palo Alto for over 12 years.



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