Some songs haven't been released on any of the albums, but on various CD singles and movies soundtracks. You will find the list below :

















1985 - Another Idea (C. Isaak)

1988 - Suspicion Of Love (C. Isaak)

1993 - Shake Little Sister (C. Isaak)

        - Dark Moon (N. Miller)

        - The Little White Cloud That Cried (J. Ray)

1994Blue Moon (R. Rodgers/L. Hart)

1996 - Eyes Of Texas (Traditional)

        - So Lovely Is The Night (C. Isaak)

        - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (H. Williams)

1998 - Fast N'Slow (C. Isaak)

        - Everyone Gets Down (C. Isaak)

1999 - Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing - Remix (C. Isaak)

        - Winter Waves (C. Isaak)

2001 - It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You (H.Williams)

2002 - Best I Ever Had (C. Isaak)


Another Idea is track number 13 of the Silvertone US album. European version includes 12 tracks only.


Suspicion Of Love was written for Jonathan Demme's movie Married To The Mob released in 1988, the song features in the film soundtrack as well as the San Francisco Days maxi-single.

Married to the Mob soundtrack single San Francisco Days

Shake Little Sister is a rockabilly number written by Isaak, featuring Johnny Reno on the saxophone. The song is available both on San Francisco Days and Only The Lonely maxi-singles.

single San Francisco Days single Only the Lonely


Dark Moon is a cover included in A Perfect World soundtrack, directed by Clint Eastwood in 1993. A Dark Moon CD-single was released the same year, it's also available on the maxi-single Go Walking Down There.

single Dark Moon A Perfect World soundtrack single Go Walking down there 


The Little White Cloud That Cried is included in A Perfect World sountrack, and it's also one of the B-sides of the single Somebody's Crying.

single Somebody's Crying A Perfect World soundtrack

Elvis Presley had a hit with Blue Moon, Chris covered the song on a tribute album released in 1994 and called It's Now Or Never - The Tribute To Elvis.

Tribute to Elvis

Hank Williams's cover I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry  is available on the Mr. Wrong soundtrack. The movie, starring Bill Pullman, came out in 1996.

Mr. Wrong soundtrack

The CD-single Think of Tomorrow includes two B-Sides : a traditional country music number, Eyes Of Texas,  and So Lovely Is The Night sung in Japanese.

single Think of Tomorrow

Fast N'Slow and Everyone Gets Down two original tracks available on the maxi-single Please (European edition).

.single Please


Upon Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut release, Isaak re-recorded  Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing, adding electric guitars and new lyrics. This version is also available on the single Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing, as well as an acoustic version of the song recorded for the TV show "MTV Unplugged" in '95.

 Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack single BDABBT

Winter Waves appears on Music To Our Mother Ocean (MOM vol. 3), all the benefits go to an association created to protect the Ocean and the shores.

MOM vol 3

It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You was one of the first song recorded by Elvis, Chris did a cover in 2001 on the tribute album Good Rocking Tonight - The Legacy Of Sun Records. The Australian edition of the single Let Me Down Easy also include the song, as well as another B-side : Best I Ever Had.

Good Rocking Tonight single Let Me Down Easy



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