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Real-life band members as themselves:


Chris Isaak (vocals, guitar)

Kenney Dale Johnson (vocals, drums)

Roly Salley (bass) 

Hershel Yatovitz (guitar).

Also starring

Jed Rees (Anson)

Kristin Dattilo (Yola)

Bobby Jo Moore (Mona)

Greg Winter (Cody)

Yola (Kristin Dattilo)

Kristin Dattilo plays Yola, Chris's savy but neurotic manager. "She's very dedicated. She has a strong personal feelings for Chris that she doesn't admit to. Because of those feelings, she gets involved with men she shouldn't get involved with."

Born in Kankakee, Illinois, Kristin Dattilo landed her first movie role at the age of 16. She has had lead roles in nine series, and guest starred on many others. Some recent roles include the pilots "Overseas" and "The Duplex", and her guest-starring role as Ross's favorite pizza delivery girl on "Friends". Other recent guest-starring roles include "Ally McBeal", "It's like, You Know", "Grapevine" and "Angel". Her feature film credits include the comedy "Love and Support", "Some Girl" with Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi, "Infinity" with Mattew Broderick and Patricia Arquette, "Pyrates" with Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick and "At First Sight".


Anson (Jed Rees)

production note : "We wanted a character who could be bad. The band members are playing themselves, so they had to stay within what they do and what they would be comfortable doing. A fictional character can do anything. Anson is your wild rock star, but he's a sweet guy. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.He's sort of an idiot savant. A great musician, but not very bright." 

Jed Rees studied music for two years in college before transferring into Business Administration under the misconception that it would teach him how to make money. In his final year in school, he discovered acting and moved to New York City where he studied theatre for two years. Rees is recognizable to film audiences from his role as Teb, one of te Thermians, in the hit movie "Galaxy Quest". He has had lead or co-starring roles in the feature film "Dudley Do-Right", "Lake Placid", "Prisoner of Zenda Inc." "Fear", and the television series' "The X-Files", "The Outer Limits" and "Little Criminals" (the award winning CBC Movie). He returned to New York to star in the Off Broadway production of "Two Pianos Four Hands". Other theatre credits include productions at the Arts Club Theatre ("Voice of Christmas") and Gastown Theatre ("Slam")


Another chatacter in the show is Mona (Bobby Jo moore) who staddles the line between reality and imagination. Mona, the beautiful nude woman lounging on the revolving circular sofa, serves as Chris's advisor in times of trouble, an oracle that offers him sometimes-cryptic advice. In the real Bimbo's, a legendary club in San Francisco, "Mona" is a model who, thanks to an elaborate system of mirrors installed by a magician in the 1930's, appears to be swimming in an aquarium in the club.

The band members have emerged as distinct characters within the show: Kenney, the big, well-read Texan, is the philosopher, Roly is the artist, intense and supertitious, and Hershel is the innocent who sees the best side of people. Check out the Silvertone page for more infos about the band. 



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