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Chris Isaak brings his music and irreverent style to series television. 

Just try and get a straight answer out of musician-turned-actor Chris Isaak. He'll hook you in, make you believe he's being serious, and then BAM, he hits you with the shtick. Fortunately for Isaak, who has had several successful albums, sold-out concert tours and two very famous steamy videos (one with model Helena Christensen and one for Eyes Wide Shut, "Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing"), his dry humor is so amusing that he has parlayed it into a new SHOWTIME series -- named for him. Loosely based on his life and the life of his band, The Chris Isaak Show is certain to reveal a whole new side to this sexy rocker. 

RedZone: So are you having fun with this whole TV thing or is it harder than you thought it would be? 
Chris Isaak : Fun isn't the word. It's like building something and standing back and looking at it -- a tremendous amount of stuff coming at you at one time. I'd have to say people haven't worked this much since the turn of the century! 


You do 14-hour days and when you're done and go home, that's when you catch up on your work. I'm hoping it's worth it because I've heard we may be replaced with a hand puppet show. 

From what we've seen of the dailies thus far it looks like your character is the butt of many jokes. Do you find yourself an easy target in real life as well? 
In real life I would fire anybody who even looks at me the wrong way. Actually, I've been with the same guys (the band) for so long that everybody teases everybody; it's just our way of being friends. When people come back stage and hear us talking they probably think "these guys are pretty mean spirited." But we all know that they're just jokes. I have told the writers, however, to write more scenes where I'm a loving, caring guy -- scenes with me picking up and cuddling small animals. 

I think this is the first time we've ever seen you with bed hair. Are you cool with television audiences seeing you au naturel? 
You know, I actually wake up and my hair is perfect, it actually grows that way. It has to be styled to look messed up. As long as people know that, I'm fine with it. 

How important is it to you that your music is well-represented on the show? 
Baby, we're just trying to get through the day! We're just trying to make the deadline and hoping someone doesn't say, "We're cutting all these scenes, you're out of time!" With the series, I'm not worried that it is a perfect representation of the music-- that's for the recording studio. What I hope comes across is some of the fun and the rough edges. We play live which is less perfect than a playback (lip synching). If I make a TV show and it's all lip synched, what's the point? I can just buy the record. To see the guys sing and play the guitar, it's kind of fun, like watching band practice or something. We (the band) can throw some things together rather quickly -- improvise music on our own because we've been together so long. Thank God we had 16 years to practice because now all we've got is 16 minutes to get it right. 

Did you get some script ideas from your guest spots on Twin Peaks? 
I didn't need to, my real life is filled with Twin Peaks moments: For instance, there's this episode about an experience I had with my production secretary. I worked with her during the day on this film, and then at night she went back to this hotel room across from mine and she would open her blinds (she was 15 feet across this air shaft) and dance naked in front of the window for an hour. I know she knew I could see. I'd leave my lights on and the TV on loud, so she'd know I was there, but it didn't matter. The next day it would be like, "Hello Mr. Isaak, here's your paper," and not a word about the night before. She never brought it up. I could never figure it out. The actress who was hired to play the part was like "this couldn't happen." But it did happen! As my drummer would say, "She's a crazy!" 

One storyline has you freaking out about a tabloid story in which a well known actress reveals insecurities you have about your butt. In your real life, how would you react to a supermarket tabloid that made up something about your personal life? 
I would just hope there is some way I could sue. I can see a nice pickup truck coming out of it somehow. People have made up stuff about me. One thing that did happen that kind of pissed me off was when I was in England. This tabloid said I was dating this girl, she was 18 and it said I was dating her for the past 8 years. I was like wait a minute, that would mean I was dating a 10-year-old. I didn't want to sue, because it was so laughable -- no one's gonna buy this, you'd have to be an idiot. 

You got Jay Leno to do a spot on the show. Any other guest stars on your wish list? 
I've got to write Jay a thank you because we didn't do any kind of arm twisting. We asked him to do it. He did it. He's totally busy, with a million obligations and he's got a pretty good viewership on his own. It was just a nice favor. It's funny, my list wouldn't have the obvious choices, like I would probably have Dom DeLuise over Tom Cruise. 

But you've worked with Tom before? 
Yeah, and he is pretty funny too. I met him a couple of times when we were doing publicity for Eyes Wide Shut and just off the bat I didn't like him (before I met him), because I have a rule of thumb, I don't like people who are better looking and richer than me! And he's both. But when I met him I was disgruntled, because I walked away thinking he's a very nice guy. He was nice, funny and a total gentleman. 

I understand you like to have your name monogrammed onto your things. When did that start? 
I used to think it was cool but now I realize everyone's just laughing at me. I put it on my guitar, guitar strap, on my suits, on my boots, belts, etc. When I grew up, people I admired did it, like Roy Rogers had a cowboy boot with his name on it. I thought, "Wow, that's big time to have your name on it and it's just yours." The first three suits I had made had Roy's name on them and then I realized I should probably have my own name. 

Your image up till now has been that of a sexy, brooding rocker. You know people are going to have this whole new perception of you once they see you on this series. 
I know people aren't going to take me seriously. The only thing I ever ask people to take me seriously about is my music. Me personally, I don't think anyone should ever take me too seriously.

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